October 20, 2011

Ho Hum....

Still playing Wednesday nights with much of the same group I'd been playing with for the last year.  Going on the third GM rotation, so I'm still playing Linian.  Right now the game is kind of a drag so I'm usually busy watching TV while we play, something I'd not normally do.

We've been having problems with MapTools, which causes way too many delays.  It doesn't really help that I'm playing a support character.  If the session is combat heavy, which easily happens, I'm not going to be doing much.  Playing a game online can sometimes slow the action to a crawl so that 20 minute combat at the game table takes an hour or more to resolve online.

The game overall is enjoyable and please don't take this as a gripe and moan post about the online game.  I knew what I was getting myself into when choosing to play an Elven Rogue.  Sure, I could run up an engage in combat...I might as well start rolling my 3d6's right now.

Right now I'll stick to protecting the Mage or the party pack mule.

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