October 2, 2011


I woke up to this!
I've already blogged about adopting Polly, but aside from that initial post I'd been relative tight-lipped about it.  I found out later that day that some friends of ours had been to the same Zamzows less than an hour before I went there and they were similarly enthralled by her.

Kirstie, who pens the Serious Lesbian webcomic,  was all mushy over Polly and I told her Girlfriend Jamie about the adoption at out Toastmaster meeting.  Traditionally after the 6 to-no-more-than 8 PM meeting a bunch of us go over to the Red Lion Inn hotel bar (Characters).  About halfway into her beer, it dawns on Jaime that the "Polly" I adopted was the same Polly she and Kira (Kirstie also goes by Kira) saw at the Fairview Zamzows.  Seriously, though....how common of a name do you think Polly is for a cat?  Evidently Kira didn't know about the adoption, not having read my tweet or blog that day.  It may have been the same day she had her bike accident and temporarily lost her phone.  She gets the benefit of the doubt.....for now.

Jaime asked me to keep Polly a secret so Kira could be surprised when she and Jaime came over Sunday to game.  Jamie knew she'd be thrilled that Polly found a good home (uh, thanks?) and find it amusing that we just missed each other at the store.

The only cat we've had that is NOT camera shy
It's been five days now and the new addition has made out lives more interesting.  My dog Tessa has been very good with Polly.  Today she tried to even take a playful nip at her.  Too soon Tessa, too soon.  Unless Tessa violates her space, basically licking distance, Polly is content to mindfully ignore her.  Polly and Krystal....there have been some fireworks.  You can tell Polly wants to get along with Krystal, but she isn't having any of it yet.  The first day Krystal stayed in her room.  The second day she only came out when Carolyn got home.  Since then Krystal goes where she pleases.  Since Wednesday there has been a fair amount of hissing going both ways, but much stronger coming from Krystal.  This morning Krystal followed Carolyn into the bedroom and immediately went over to the dresser that Polly was sleeping under.  Krystal stuck her head in, hissed, and then left the room.  I haven't heard either one hiss since.

Polly is vocal and affectionate.  I think she's bonded more with me, which makes sense since I've been home more, but she definitely likes Carolyn.  Polly has a couple of unusual habits.  For one, she likes to get in under the covers when we are in bed.  Krystal does that every once in a while, but only when it is really cold, and only for a while.  Polly also likes to knead and suckle, usually from my chin, armpit, or stomach......while I am trying to sleep.  She will crawl under the blankets and just go to town for a minute or two and then curl up and try to sleep.  It tickles like the dickens.  She also will knead quite often without the "suckling".  I put suckling in quotes because I was able to watch her do it to my arm this morning and realized she is simply licking as she kneads.  Since it usually just tickles so much I wasn't able to make that distinction.

Polly also loves to nuzzle and roll over.  She also listens well to voice correction.  When she climbs up on something she shouldn't I can gently say, "No Polly" and she gets right down.  I've used the squirt bottle a couple of times when saying that and she caught on real quick.

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