October 11, 2011

Secondary doctor visit

Image by the starry-eyedkid.deviantart.com
If you've been keeping track of things on my blog as of late you'd know that I went down to Salt Lake City for a quick workup as a prelude to donating bone marrow next month.  I was told that all my tests checked out and everything was A.O.K.  Evidently that really wasn't the case.

My Donor Resources Specialist at the NMDP, who I'll just refer to as my handler, called me up Monday.  I expected this call since I was supposed to talk to her the morning of my checkup but she didn't call.  Not a big deal in my book, but i figured she'd be calling to let me know where I was giving blood.  The doctor wanted me to donate two units of blood this month in case they want to give it back to me during the surgery.  That isn't the reason my handler called.

Evidently my EKG wasn't "fine" like the good doctor said it was.  My handler doesn't know what the deal is, only that the NMDP wants me to see a local cardiologist ASAP.  The rational side in me figures that it cannot be anything huge or the doctor would have informed me Wednesday and they wouldn't have been so quick to let me return to Boise.  The normal side in me goes, "OMG, my chest does all of a sudden feel a little tight......."

I'm seeing a cardiologist on Thursday, which seems like an eternity away.

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