October 25, 2011

Zompocalypse Part II


If you plan on playing Kenzer & Company's Dusk of the Dead, then don't read this entry.

Where we left off last time, our intrepid band of mercenaries were trapped on the second floor of a waystation with an unknown number of zombies milling about downstairs.  Our group, consisting of 6th level Dwarven Fighter Bolburd (M), 5th level Dwarven Fighter Salt (F), 3rd level Human Rogue Kazon (M), and 3rd level Human Caregiver Tacane (F) has had the opportunity to flee the waystation, but instead has chosen to remain and deal with the problem at hand.  A very brief discussion about burning the place down with the zombies trapped inside was dismissed out of hand.  This waystation exists here for a tactical reason as much as a financial one.  It supports the keep by protecting the caravans that travel to it, so it must remain intact.  Thankfully we aren't too keen on keeping the place pristine.

The two rooms we are in at the moment have already been smashed up a bit.  Bolburd and Tecane hole up in the smaller room while Salt and Kazon take the larger room next door.  Their doors open up at right angle to each other in the small hallway bordering the third, larger bedroom.  The idea is that Salt and Bolburd will engage zombies coming up the stairs and down the hallway two-to-one.  If we need to attempt to turn them, Tecane can be seen down the hallway from the small room.  The ladder we used to climb up to the room is partially in the room, with the bulk of it sticking out the window.  We've weighed down the end with our packs to keep the far end up off the ground.  The very last steps are for Kazon to move some furniture into the hallway to try and make it single-file access only while Bolburd smashes a hole in the wall between the two rooms.  If we need to move between rooms, we won't be able to use the hallway.

Moving the furniture and smashing the hole in the wall brings forth the zombies.  Salt and Bolburd take down the first two without difficulty.  We realize that body disposal might be an issue since we have to let the zombies have some access to us.  Tecane bashes another hole in the wall for us to drag and drop bodies into the courtyard below if needed.  Zombies come up the stairs into our trap, but some veer off into the larger room.  Kazon was wanting to get into the fight and he doesn't have to wait long as zombies eventually crash through the adjoining wall from the large bedroom into his room.  Since he is being attacked by multiple zeds Tecane goes through the hole into the next room to help him out.  She is quickly grabbed and the battle in the hallway is bogging down.  The zombie bodies are impeding the progress of new combatants, so Bolburd goes to help what is shaping up to be a larger battle in the other room.  Bolburd manages to knock the zombie on Tecane away from her, but two more grab on.  They start munching away and Bolburd is unable to help as he gets grabbed as well.  OOC: When zombies latch on to a PC, that PC has their weapon damage limited to a d6p.  That makes it difficult to knock any zombies back.  Furthermore, once a PC has been grabbed twice (doesn't have to be the same zombie) every adjacent zombie gets a free 1d4p bite....every 10 seconds! 

Tecane soon goes down and is at negative hit points.  It is up to Bolburd and Kazon to try and save her.  Bolburd is severely hampered because he has been grabbed, but he manages to kill the zombie on him which coincidentally had a hold on Tecane.  Kazon manages to knockback and kill the second zombie on Tecane.  These actions briefly create a little breathing room, allowing Bolburd to grab the unconscious Cleric and toss her body somewhere behind him before moving to plug up the hole in the wall with his own body.  He'll have to fight zeds two-to-one, but he hasn't been injured yet, so he might prevail.  OOC: I had to use my KoDT Mulligan to try (and fail initially) to knock back a zombie and Kazon's player Adam ended up using a mulligan and burning 10 Honor to force a re-roll.  Tecane's player Jaime also burned some honor to up her defense from another grab (and set of free bites) and to stabilize her wounds.  Essentially we had to pull out all the stops and be a little lucky.

Salt has been kicking ass in the hallway this whole time, but she is almost cut off from the group.  The bodies are piling up and becoming a hindrance and at one point she fumbles, which causes her shirt to become hopelessly twisted up, hindering her ability to fight.  Since the zombies are pretty much pouring into the larger bedroom she has some space to fix her impediment, which means she removes her shirt!  Salt isn't what you would call an attractive woman and hopefully she can get some clothes back on before anyone else sees her. OOC: There is a little more content regarding this here.

We had to break here and we won't be playing this game next week due to work schedules.

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