October 25, 2011


I was perusing my Netflix que on the Xbox and one of the recommended TV shows was Weaponology from the Military Channel.

Not a bad show, but probably not one I'd really want to get into.  The first ten minutes or so of Season 1: Episode 9- Booby Trap is worthwhile for player and GM viewing.  That informative ten minutes were about the beginnings of booby traps and depicted a fair number of nasty traps made with wooden sticks.

I realize that with my dual RPG and military experience going back several decades now, I don't have too much of an issue imagining how these types of traps come together.  Other players and GMs may not.  Bolburd, my Dwarven fighter, recently suffered a nasty wound from an ankle trap that limited his movement to 1/4 normal speed.  That really hurt his combat effectiveness.

On the GM side of things, imaging you have a kobold lair that the PCs are trying to infiltrate.  Those little buggars probably have a series of small, easily constructed traps littering the appropriately sized approaches to their nest.  This show could get you started on a few good examples.

As for being a player, this episode could show you why adventures often had a 10' pole.

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