November 6, 2011

The 99% Need a Break

I have finally witnessed my first "Occupy" demonstration.  Occupy Salt Lake City is taking place in Pioneer Park, just across the street from my hotel.  In years past the park was a haven for Salt Lake City's homeless because there was a shelter nearby as well as a mall.  Great place to kill some time before getting your free handouts and begging for more handouts.

OSLC really only changed the look of the park.  I'm used of being in SLC during the warmer months so it is usually homeless just laying about.  Now it is just protesters milling about and sleeping in tents.  The lightpoles and crosswalk poles are plastered with Occupy propaganda and if you were familiar with SLC and not the protests you'd just think that someone gave the homeless tents.  Pretty lame protest.

The protesters need to take a break....

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