November 17, 2011


If you've ever played much online you've run into a griefer.  I was reading an interesting article on griefers and watches some hilarious videos.  A lot had to do with easily modded games like Team Fortress 2 for the PC.  Having the Spy plaster up a picture of a half-nekkid chick and then backstab the schmucks how stop to oggle the pic is funny....for a while.

Griefers who exploit the game without any mods may or may not be so funny.  I've seen videos of an online MMORPG Conan game where they simply took a horse onto a single lane bridge and had the horse kick anyone trying to cross the bridge off into the dark ravine below.  Pretty lame.

Ass-hats into team killing I hate.  Not funny at all.  Several times I've been with a group of my friends playing and we are just getting our asses handed to us.  Not worthy of complaining until you pull up the players list and find that you are playing an organized clan and one of their team members is playing on your side, feeding them intel.  There is a special level of hell where you get one "phone home" DRM game and a spotty internet connection.

Not so much a griefer, but right up on the list are those people that talk massive smack during a game just to be dicks.  Invariably they are some 9 year old that swears more than a 19th century Sailor with Tourette's.  Nothing like being called a long string of racial slurs by a kid who really needs a good spanking.

I have a friend who liked to put her headset on her 2 year old daughter as she played online.  I'm sure that the other players liked getting their asses handed to them by what sounded like a toddler.  When I saw this video I thought of them.

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