December 10, 2011

Breaking the Law

Some guys do have it coming to them...
No, not me.

We had a little excitement in the neighborhood today with a bunch of cops apparently staking out a house just down the street.  I went to take Tessa to the park like I do every day around 4ish.

A couple of police cars were blocking off the side street the borders our neighborhood park, along with a white SUV.  I was working with Tessa off-leash and paying more attention to her than anything or I might have noticed that the SUV was an unmarked car and there were a few more black & whites down the block.

As I approach the intersection a cop comes over to ask me where I'm going and I explain I was taking Tessa to the park.  She was behaving very well and I don't think the officer even noticed she was off-leash, which is big no-no.  He didn't realize that behind the houses along our street there was a small park and it took me a moment to point out the entrance to the park.  Since the commotion was down the side street some, he had no problem with me taking her into the park, "as long as I come out the same entrance".

That sealed it for me he didn't know about the park because there are only three entrances and all of them are on the Southern portion of the park while all the "fun" was outside of the park's North side.

Evidently somebody called the police with a tip that a fugitive was in our neighborhood and there was a standoff.  Eventually they got a hold of the guy five hours later and a K9 unit was sent in. The dog injured a woman at the house (non-life threatening.....WTF does that really mean?) and they caught their man.

The weirdest part of the story is this guy's name,  Ija Flappingeagle, and his mug shot.  The news hasn't reported if he was high at the time of his booking, but it is pretty common to see idiot grins at the Sheriff's Office.

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