December 11, 2011


Carolyn took me to Old Chicago for lunch today.  The Boise Town Square Mall was....difficult to get into.  Driving there was fine.  Finding a place to park was not.  We knew it could be an issue, we just didn't think it would be that crowded, especially since it seemed the largest single group of people were teens definitely under the legal driving age.

Old Chicago's Winter Beer Tour is well underway and finishing it will be more of a challenge since it is 12 beers instead of the normal 8.  We don't exactly have the discretionary income we used to have so eating out is infrequent.  I thought I had $5 in Foamer Bucks so I splurged on a second beer with lunch.  Normally not a big deal, but we were eating a late lunch and I hadn't really had anything aside from a slice of nut bread in the last 14 hours.  The beers went straight to my head and I was in no shape to drive.

I actually felt a little drunk after only two beers, which shouldn't be a problem for a guy of my size, especially since I was eating while drinking.  Most of my blood should have been naturally replaced from the donations and surgery.  Guess I'm just a lightweight, probably a vestige of my Native American ancestry.

There were some issues with our beer tour cards when we checked out.  Our server gave use credit for the beers we had, but they were credited with the wrong numbers so they didn't show up as finished for the mini-tour.  Even in my inebriated state I could tell that there was a problem and exactly what had happened.  It took a couple of tries for our server to get things straightened out.

Normally we walk around the mall a bit after a trip to Old Chicago, which helps.  This time, not so much.  I swear I was somehow tripping 'cause a lot of people at the mall seemed abnormally strange. I swore I saw one kid walking around with a balloon hat on.  I saw him multiple times and I'm thinking he was just walking around which explains multiple sightings, but one time we saw him walk buy right before we walked into one of the Game Stops and there he the store, but his balloon hat was a different color!  Oh yeah, Carolyn was so driving us home.

I managed to get a cheap copy of a game I wanted to play and then we made the long trek out to the car to make it back home.  The car ride home was a bit painful as I started to get a bit queasy.  By then it was time to walk the dog and immediately afterwards I had to lay down for a while.  Even if both of those beers were Doppelbocks I should not have had such a strong reaction.  After a 90 minute nap I swear I woke with a mini-hangover.  Never expected a mini-hangover from a mini-tour at Old Chicago.

There are still nine beers left on my tour......

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