January 10, 2012

Blue Mountain State-The Best Worst Show You Aren't Watching

Season 3 of Blue Mountain State is now available on Netflix.

This gem of a show is on Spike TV and you can watch full episodes online.  It is an irreverent look at a small school with a big football team.  Their colors are Orange and Blue......hmmm....do I know of a small college with a big football team that aspires to National Champions?  One that possibly has Blue and Orange as their school colors?

Well, I can think of one school that fits that description.  Boise State University, my Alma Mater finished as a Top 10 football team for the fourth year in a row.  Not bad for what is largely a commuter college of about 20,000 students.  LSU is arguably the #1 College Football Team this year, positioned at #1 or #2 in every ranking poll.  They are also half again as large as Boise State with a HUGE booster program.

Back to BMS, it is a typical Spike TV show.  Lots of adult humor, T&A, and drug usage.  Of course the T&A is merely "suggested" and there is next to no actual nudity.  If you are looking for T&A all you'll get are some pics of Romanski's ass.

I enjoy the show and I do have a bit of a warped sense of humor.  If you are similarly inclined I suggest you checkout Blue Mountain State.

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