January 31, 2012

Chest Cold

Your know that eerie feeling you get when you know that you are getting sick, but you haven't actually gotten sick yet?

For me it is usually a distinct burning sensation behind the eyes.  If I'm lucky I'll run a fever during the night which breaks sometimes in the early AM and at best I lose a day.  Traditionally I seem to get this one day sickness once in the early spring and again in the early fall when the seasons change.

This time around however my initial symptom was a sore throat and a bit of a raspy cough.  Carolyn just got over a cold, but her symptoms were different and if I was getting what she got it should have kicked in long before now.  Yesterday when I noticed this early onset I went to the store and bought some Airborne and the Kroger brand of Zicam.  If you haven't used Zicam before, I highly recommend it.  In my experience the chewables suck, but the nasal swabs, although they feel weird, do a great job.  I didn't care for the nasal spray either now that I think about it.  If you travel at all, being able to stow away a few swabs is great, and you could easily share if you were so inclined.  My store didn't have the swabs so I decided to try and save a few bucks with the store brand.

With any luck, this cold will pass right on through without an extended visit.  I tend to be a whiny bitch when I'm sick and Carolyn doesn't deserve that.  Well, I think I'm whiny....I know I get really short and all I want to do is crawl into a small ball and tell the world to go eff themselves.  The OTC meds help quite a bit.  They take the edge off (I don't use anything with alcohol....so it's not that kind of edge) and let me get around the house some.

The hardest thing for me is making sure I get enough fluids, especially when my throat hurts and I don't feel like talking, eating, or drinking. Hmmm.....I wonder how much me not wanting to talk will cancel out any whining?

I feel a pseudo-science experiment coming on.....

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