January 21, 2012

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Carolyn and I finally got to watch Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.  Pretty funny flick with just the right amount of gore.

The two stars of the film are favorites of mine: Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine. Alan plays Tucker and will always be remembered by me as Wash from Firefly.    Tyler will always be "Sock" from Reaper to me.

Tucker & Dale are two hillbilly buds who are heading up to a new cabin in the woods that Tucker bought as a vacation home.  On the way up they come across a truckload of college kids up to the same area for a Memorial Day campout.  The cute blond of the group hurts herself and Dale saves her from drowning.

One misunderstanding after another, coupled with the college kids being downright clumsy, or "living challenged" as it was, and most everyone is dead.  The movie is a combination horror/comedy film with romantic undertones that probably didn't do so well since it lies between genres.

The film was released in the US and then again in Russia and Latvia.  Reviewing the gross sales figures from IMDB I see the movie didn't do well at all.  This is too bad since it was a good film.

It is on Netflix now and totally worthwhile way to spend 89 minutes.

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