February 24, 2012

Another Sneak Peak at a Work in Progress

I'm approaching the end of version 1 of my new HackMaster character sheet.  It is coming along a bit better than I expected it to.  All I really have left is to finish the first page and then make up the final page.

This final page is really what will be separating the various character class sheets.  My initial thought is to have one version for Mages, another for Clerics, and then another version for Fighters & Thieves.  If I can tighten things up a bit on that final page I may be able to make a single page that works for everyone.

Since the final result is going to be a PDF I may be able to play with the layers a bit and make it so one files serves everyone's needs.  I haven't done any layers work yet, so I may be in over my head.  Worst case I simply make it a multiple page document where you fill in what you want and only print out what you need.

Here are two pages from the four page PC sheet:

The Skills sheet will be on the back side since in my experience it is referenced the most often after the combat information.

I've listed all the skills that are currently in HackMaster and left some spaces for future skills.  The skills listed in red are also italicized and they indicate universal skills.  I wasn't sure how things would look on people black & white home printers so the universal skills had to be delineated in more than one fashion.

The "used" box is to mark which skills have been used since the last level, which is important as part of the leveling/training process in the new, "advanced" version of HackMaster.

 This sheet will be on the inside of the fold.  The important thing for me with keeping track of equipment was to note any quality items and to figure out a couple of different weights.  Carried weight effects encumbrance, which also affects your fatigue and ability to fight.  Because of this there is an assumed "combat load" of just what you'd carry into battle.  Then you have everything else you'd have on you back when you travel, presumably in a backpack you drop before combat.  That gives you your carried load.  Then there is the stuff you might be lucky enough to stick on a pack animal.

Armor doesn't effect encumbrance so it has to added back in if you need to know a PC's total weight for some reason....like a trap that is set off by X amount of weight.  If they have all their gear on you might need to know that weight as well.

I had some extra room so I incorporated a small chart for encumbrance penalties.  It doesn't look good here but it is readable at higher (printing) resultion.

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