February 10, 2012


My favorite superhero is Deadpool.

Deadpool completely goes against type.  He is just as much a anti-hero as he is a hero.  Wade Wilson started out an assassin that got into the Weapon X program and got an extraordinary healing factor that had to be tweaked to his unique physiology.  Wade was dying from cancer and the Weapon X program saved his life.  Unfortunately his cancerous tumors mutated into hideous growths that covered his body.

I'm not sure if the procedure made Deadpool crazy or if he was already a little nuts.  Deadpool frequently breaks the Forth Wall and he seems to be self-aware that he is a comic book character.

When the announcement for X-Men Origins: Wolverine came out I found out we'd be getting a movie depiction of Deadpool.  Ryan Reynolds was set to be Wade Wilson and I was stoked because he is the perfect actor to portray the Merc with a Mouth.  I thought that this would be a no-go when Ryan was tapped to be the Green Lantern.

When we got to see Deadpool for the first time I was pretty pissed.  I get that they aren't going to follow the comic's origin story to the letter, but making him a conglomeration of Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and who-knows-else?!  In the movie it looked like the retractable blades were mechanical, not organic, and that the eye lasers burnt out.  We'll have to wait until the Deadpool movie, assuming we get one, to see if the character normalizes.

One thing you might not have known if you saw the Origins movie, was that there were multiple endings after the credits.  The ending I saw showed Deadpool's disembodied hand crawl over to his decapitated head and play with the lips.  His eyes opened up and the finger made a "shhh" gesture while he said something to the effect of "don't tell".  It was totally cool and gave me hope for a Deadpool movie.

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