February 10, 2012

One Project Down.....

Last night I finally finished one of the projects on my plate.  Unlike most of my projects, this one actually pays me instead of costing me money I don't have a lot of to begin with.

A friend of mine asked me to make some changes to his company website, normally not a big deal, just time consuming and the job requires a decent amount of focus.  He website consists of 69 pages and these changes required every one to be edited individually and then checked.  To make sure I don't break anything I cannot just go and make all the changes at once.  I have to do the work in steps, which means it seems like I'm working on 690 pages.

Again, the work isn't all that difficult, just going through all these pages and not goofing it up isn't something I can do when I'm not feeling well.  Definitely not something I can manage dulled by OTC cold medicine.

The great news is that now I'm done with this coding I can get back to work on a couple of other side-projects.  I'm working on eight other things right now, shuffling back and forth among them.  Of course I'll probably post about them when they come to completion, except for two that have to wait until this summer to avoid ruining the surprise for a friend.

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