February 28, 2012

HackMaster PC Sheet V1.0 is Done!

While I was hoping to get my new Player Character (PC) sheet for the HackMaster game done this weekend I just wasn't motivated.

Today I was, so I was able to get the basic sheet done.  Instead of coming up with multiple versions for different character classes, I just have this one.  I'm assuming that players that need more would make additional sheets.

For example, a player with a Mage would probably want a lot more room or a different setup to show their spellbook.  Heck, I'd probably make another booklet that looks more like a spellbook and just have the basic spell information in that book.  Same with Clerical spells.

This PC sheet is designed for stuff that changes between sessions.  Eventually I'll turn this into a form.  I'll hand-write on this sheet for a few sessions to see if I want to make any tweaks before doing the work on a form.

2/29/12 11:43 MST Edit: There have been some minor changes due to an error on my part (including two typos) and a request from my wife.  Typos fixes don't deserve an update, but the minor change does.  The link above will point to the newest version, which is now 1.1  I've changed the picture below to reflect the new version also.

Front Side version 1.1

Back Side Preview


Anonymous said...

I can't find the link to your character sheet in order to print it off.

Christopher Stogdill said...

Sheet 1.1 was obsolete pretty quick. The most current sheet is here http://www.notsorandommusings.com/2012/03/pc-record-sheet-v13-is-up-as-form.html