February 7, 2012

Toastmaster's Table Topics Speech

Tonight was Boise Club 61's Table Topics and International Speech Contest.  I competed in the Table Topics category and ended up getting 2nd place out of six speakers.

Table Topics is an interesting speech exercise.  You get a couple minutes to give an impromptu speech on a topic you are given right there on the spot.

From Toastmasters International: "Have you ever been asked for your opinion about something, only to have your mind go blank? Have you given your opinion, but it was so disorganized that the point you were trying to make was lost?

The ability to “think and speak on your feet” is an important skill that often determines your success in job interviews, for example. All kinds of careers and occupations require this skill."

I don't know if they recycle the questions any for the local clubs or contests in general, so to be safe I will not give the question or my response....not that I could remember my response well enough to repost it anyway.

Although I had helped with a couple of contests, I have never competed before.  With Table Topics, there is but one question that is posed to all contestants.  All the contestants have to leave the room and they are called in one by one.  After speaking for no more than 2'30", they then sit down and the next contestant is called.  I was closer to the bottom of the contestant list than the top, so I only got to hear two of the other speakers.

The winner of the Table Topics contest spoke first, so he not only got to hear all the other contestants, all of the other contestants didn't get to hear him speak.

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