February 5, 2012

Wicked Cool Video

My Brother-In-Law has a pretty cool blog where he talks about toys.  Normally this is something that would open a person up to unending ridicule and teasing from someone like me, but he pulls it off.

If you look at my wife's blog you'll find evidence she has a LOT of toys also.

Between them they have more legos than I've ever seen outside of a retail environment.

Dan also makes a few lego videos.  I do not know how much work they entail, but I have to think they are more work than I'd ever be willing to do....without being paid.  You pay me enough and I'll play with legos all day long.  Actually my price is relatively low for that line of work.

One of the websites I peek at only on an occasional basis posted this Captain America Lego video that was what I can only describe as "wicked cool":

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