February 5, 2012

Teen Wolf

I've mentioned a couple of times recently how the wife and I are in the middle of a How I Met Your Mother Netflix marathon.

Last night they had a reference to the movie Teen Wolf.  This was the 1985 movie, not the 2011 MTV series.

MTV series......I still remember fondly when MTV was about music videos.  When I last had cable finding a music video on MTV was as rare as seeing some T&A on network TV.

Anyway I have to admit that I hate....no, I loathe the movie Teen Wolf.  All thanks to my little sister.

I don't talk about my family much, for a reason.  My sister was quite the spoiled little brat growing up.  She pretty much got whatever she wanted.  Without going into other examples that nobody cares about I will mention one: she liked the movie Teen Wolf.  We had a copy on VHS tape and during one Christmas school break she watched it at least once everyday.

The weather that year was pretty bad and we were cooped up in the house without much to do.  My sister would yell/scream/demand that she get to watch Teen Wolf on our only TV.  At that time we had one TV channel and not that many other options.  If we didn't give her what she wanted, she'd just make up some story to our parents that would get my brother and I grounded.

Nothing like being blackmailed by a nine year old.

Eventually one of us wised-up.  No matter what we did we were going to get busted, grounded, and have to do more chores.  There wasn't any reason we had to add insult to injury and see (or hear in the background) Teen Wolf playing one more time.  Thirty-plus viewings/listenings in a two-week period was enough.  The tape was actually starting to wear out for so many viewings.

We did what any sane person would do.....we destroyed the tape.

Now this would be the smart way to do it, but no.....we were mentally subdued, moronified by Teen Wolf, unable to think straight.  Instead of smashing the tape to pieces and then confessing to the crime, which may have restored a small measure of our dignity and sanity, we simply taped over the movie with something else and claimed it was an "accident".

I'm not proud of what I did, but I haven't even seen a clip of Teen Wolf since.....

.....and that has made me happy.

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