February 22, 2012

Yet Another Side Project

I'm getting an opportunity to write reviews for some role-playing game accessories.  This isn't a done-deal quite yet, so I won't jinx myself by posting the location that said reviews would show up.

I wrote my first review and sent it in.  If I did well enough I'll get to review more product.  I'm not getting paid anything, but I do get to keep the review product.

Today I was given a small set of dungeon tiles.  I had a gift card for Staples so I went over there and printed off half of the set.  After cutting, gluing, laminating, and cutting the foam core I end up with a large (almost 100' across) dungeon room.

Since I had the gift card and the other supplies on hand my final cost was just the gas to go to the store and my time.

Here's a pic of the tile in "action":
My money is on Aragorn and Gimli.

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