March 10, 2012

Attention to Detail

Normally I have a decent attention to detail.  When I was working on my HackMaster PC Sheet, there were two main errors when I was working on the hundreds of form fields:
          1) I  missed a skill on the background document (the .PSD file)
          2) One calculated field had the wrong fields it calculated from

The missing geology skill was just me skipping it when I tried to read it from a small PDF table.  Meh, it happens.

I think the calculation field wouldn't have happened if I had just taken a break instead of powering-through and doing the entire form field placement at one time.

When working on files I try to get them organized so I can easily find what I need and proceed in a logical fashion.  All the pages for this record sheet are individual .PSD files that are not flattened.  I also have a couple .PSD files that are one step further in the process and finalized PDFs.  With the 1.33 version of the PC sheet I somehow went back and used an older source file that was missing the geology skill.

That really chaps my hide because that file should have been deleted when I fixed it.  Instead I had two page 4 files and I (obviously) chose the wrong one.  If it wasn't for the fact I was needing to update a character sheet I would have missed this altogether.

It was an easy fix, but still......I'm a bit irked that I missed this attention to detail.

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