March 5, 2012

LDS Hospital Sucks (Insert Equine Genitalia Here)

I am so pissed right now because I've received a collections notice from my 1st visit to LDS Hospital for the bone marrow harvest.

Evidently some department within the hospital couldn't be bothered to contact the BMT (bone marrow transplant) department, or worse yet, the BMT folks couldn't talk to themselves to send this bill to the right destination.

So now I have been sent to collections for $24.02.

Now this might just be me, but I'm thinking someone should have figured out, "Hey...who paid the other $10,000 for the bone marrow harvest.  Should we be billing them?"

No, instead let's bill the guy who flew in to Salt Lake City from Boise to fill out some paperwork and draw some blood, because there is no way that Boise is sophisticated enough to have a PA that can read  & write AND a laboratory that can draw & process blood samples.

It isn't a secret I wasn't a big fan of LDS Hospital for the way they didn't treat me when I was having some complications to the harvest (more specifically the pain meds given afterwards), but this is literally adding insult to injury:

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