March 30, 2012

Lego Avengers Game

Geeking out about the upcoming Avengers movie and Lego game
OK folks.....10 Geek Points, and a unspecified prize, to the first person who can guess the source of each letter in my Geekgasm logo I made up this morning.  To win, post a comment listing each letter's source.  First person to get it right will be asked what gives them a geekgasm (Dr. Who, Harry Potter, etc) and we'll go from there.  The max value will be $20, so don't get too worked up.

In my morning internet surf I came across a picture of the upcoming Lego Avengers game.  It was based off of one of the Avenger's movie posters.

I could show a pic of the Lego poster, but that is the news itself and you can find it all over the internet.  I figure if you want to see that here I really have to up my game.  I think I pulled it off:
Avengers Lego poster fading into Avenger Movie poster and back

This is rather low resolution so it'll load quickly.  It looks even better at the original size.......It really looks like they used the original poster for the source for the Lego poster.

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