March 19, 2012

One of my Gaming Groups Has Lost it.....

"Sir" Tangle
My Wednesday night group had to go to Saturday for the last game and I wasn't able to make it because we went over to my On-Laws for a St. Patrick's Day dinner and to celebrate my Father-In-Law's birthday.

We got home around 10ish and although I was tired from a longer and busier day than usual I agreed to stay up and watch a little TV with Carolyn before going off to bed.

When we watch TV we mean pop in a movie or watch some Netflix on the Xbox 360.  My GM is an online friend on the 360, so when I logged in he knew I was home from dinner.  He tried to call me but my phone was off (longer and busier day had drained it) and he had to call my wife to get to me.

"Hop on Vent, we are talking about our new characters."

He wanted me to log into the Ventrillo server we use for the game.  The GM's wife is about to have their firstborn any minute now and the game is changing gears, flipping over to a new GM.  Evidently we also have a few more players coming on board, which we could use.  Pausing the TV and logging in I'm immediately assaulted by the cantankerous virtual party going on.  It is actually difficult to engage my fellow players and even the GM is laughing and carrying on.

My wife, who is being very patient at having her TV show interrupted asks if everyone has been drinking.  Since the group spans several states and a few folks don't drink for either medical or religious reasons, it is highly unlikely.  The laughing and giddiness continues.....

"Hey guys.....what the hell is going on?!"

A snicker or two from the incoming GM is followed up with an interesting response, "We're all creating Pixie Fairies!"

Great....the new group wants to have an entire Pixie Fairy campaign.  If you were not familiar with the Pixie Fairies from HackMaster, this race of diminutive flying elfish creatures is in the new edition.  These guys have some serious limitations and have a net -4 to their stats.  Sure, they can reincarnate, but they lose a lot of stats and skills in the process.

I log into the MapTools server to at least roll up a stats like the GM wants.  I've got a great Strength and good enough stats overall and figure I'll try to play the one "biggun" PC in the group.  I say goodbye to the group and log off so I can go to bed.

In the morning I decide that if the rest of the group wants to have a themed group, I should go along for the ride.  I make a Mage Pixie Fairy that is delusional in that he thinks he is royalty and he is a coward.  If he takes really any damage he will probably flee to protect the royal personage.

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Bethany said...

Damn you. i had not decided what to play yet now i have to. Unless i want midgets flying around my head all the time. :-)