March 7, 2012

That's So Takei....and so True!

Sometimes you see some utter BS going on and you get worked up.  If you are lucky you find someone who can express some of your feelings in a humorous, yet totally-effen-gets-it manner, and if you are extremely lucky you can verbalize yourself in the aforementioned manner.

George Takei is fricken awesome.  His commentary regularily seems to hit on a few strings of truth while driving home a few zingers that the "common" person would find hilarious.  I'm sure there are some people who would be offended by his comments, but they'd probably just be offended by his delivery, "Oh good Lord he sounds like one of them thair queers!"

I posture that even if you don't agree with his viewpoint, the clip is funny enough just to watch for the "inside" joke and using the Twilight movie as a dig.

Click on the picture to go to George's site and watch the video.

In case you didn't get it (been a while since I've heard it):

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