March 7, 2012

I Am Alive

They just released the trial version of the new game, I Am Alive.  The premise of the game, from the UbiSoft website:
"One year after a worldwide cataclysmic event that wiped out most of the human race, a man struggles for survival in a desolate city as he tries to reunite with his long lost family. In this post-apocalyptic tale, there are no supernatural threats, just an everyman who faces a decaying and hazardous world and humanity’s darkest inclinations. Will you hang on to your humanity and help strangers or are you ready to sacrifice others in order to survive?"

Usually the trial version is pretty much a download of the entire game so you can unlock it if you wish to purchase the thing.  I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it.  For some reason I've always liked apocalyptic-type games, especially if they have zombies.  I've been looking forward to this game ever since the teaser video from 2008 (the premise had changed slightly since then):

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