April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone

The best Easter Eggs aren't found on the holdiays!
I'm a bit too old for Easter Egg hunts on this day, but one of my favorite things are Easter Eggs....just not the allegedly edible kind left by the Easter Bunny.

I like the Easter Eggs that you can find in all sorts of interesting places.  The Konami Code can lead you to a few.  If you didn't know of any current stuff that uses the Konami Code, then you can check this wikipedia entry.

I spent some more time hammering away at this blog to make a tweak I've been wanting to do for some time.  It isn't something I've seen on any other blogs yet so it should be rather unique.  Because it is on the unique side there weren't exactly any instruction on how to accomplish this task.

If you figure it out you can send me a comment that others could learn or just sit back and chuckle....

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