April 21, 2012

Terminating a Candidacy

I'll freely admit I haven't been getting too worked up about the upcoming Presidential Election, but being an out of work voter makes you think a little more selfishly than normal.

I have some friends that have been particularly unhappy with Rick Santorum and I can't say I blame them. After taking an online quiz to see which Republican candidate I'm more aligned with I found that Mr. Santorum was at the bottom of the list.

Now that Santorum isn't in the nomination race I don't have to accidentally hear any of his views.  I say "accidentally" because there was no way I wanted to hear them intentionally.  With what little bit I have heard I'm surprised he managed to make it this far.  If you are like me you might need a little refresher on his views concerning abortion.

I promise this is only germane in the context of getting a few more laughs out of this Funny or Die video:

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