May 17, 2012

16th or 31st Minute of Fame

I was surprised today when I read that Pseudo-Science aficionado Jenny McCarthy is attempting to grab yet another 15 minutes of fame by latching onto her first 15 minutes.
Rare shot of Jenny McCarthy with her mouth closed.
You remember her first 15 minutes, right?

I'll freely admit that I haven't so much as picked up a Playboy in years, and I hadn't bought a Playboy since I noticed that the Playmates were consistently younger than I was.  This was back when I was a freshman in college.

I guess I should be happy (?) that Playboy is deciding to "show off" an older woman for a change, but why Jenny?  Haven't they pumped that well dry?

The sooner the world stops valuing Jenny for her only asset, the sooner we don't have to put up with the rest of the package.

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