May 3, 2012

Found an Old Game

HackMaster 4th Edition Player's Handbook
This morning I was looking for a particular file, a map actually, and I came across this PDF transcript of an old play-by-post campaign that only lasted a month or so.

Playing RPGs in a play-by-post medium can be quite difficult and while I've been in three or four now, only one has lasted any significant amount of time.  The GM has to work a bit more and the pacing is often s---l---o---w.  The upside is that there is usually a lot of room for superior role-playing, and a lot less roll-playing.

I spent a half-hour or so this morning reminiscing about a game long since dead and players I haven't really communicated with in years.  It makes me look forward to Origins at the end of the month.

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