May 14, 2012

Toastmaster District 15 Conference

The Mrs. and I headed down to Salt Lake City for the District 15 Toastmasters Conference.  We were generally a bit disappointed in the trip because we didn't get a schedule of events until last week but we registered and paid for our meals well before then.  We could have changed things up a bit and been able to work in a quick visit with some of our SLC friends, but we spent basically $50 a meal already and were tied down to a schedule that had us not doing much.

I have several issues with the conference, but since I was a "first timer" I have no idea if this was the norm.  Maybe it was a relatively poor conference or actually a great conference.  All I can do is compare it to conferences that I have attended before, both for work and for pleasure.  Complaining about the conference in general serves no real purpose so I have instead offered to help with the next one.

You cannot say "Put up or shut up" to me......

I think we did enjoy getting to know a few people a bit better and I consider that to be a worthwhile pursuit.

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