June 9, 2012

A is for Awesome!

A website I do not visit often is io9.com, which bills itself as coming from the future.  In reality it is just another themed blog in a larger family of blogs (Gizmodo & Lifehacker), some of which I do follow.

Since these blogs are inter-related, sometimes posts from one will be reused on the others.  To some this is just a cheap way of adding content, but for others....like me, it is a way of seeing some things that might be missed otherwise.

I'm real glad I didn't miss this gem...

Brandon Peat put together this awesome collection of toddler-themed Star Wars drawings in his "A is for Ackbar" project.

While I could post a great graphic here for your enjoyment, you really should go over to his site to check it out.

I will pose a sneak peek, just 1/26th of the total awesomeness of this work:
H is for Han Solo

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