June 11, 2012

The Perfect To-Do List?

Patrick's To-Do List
One thing you might not know about me is I'm a list guy.  I'm also someone who thinks that making lists is a bit on the anal-retentive side, so I'm not huge about sharing or using lists even though I really want to.

Because of this my lists are often mental.  It isn't uncommon for me to mentally tick off the things to add to my to-do list before I get out of bed.

Sometimes I try to actually write stuff down, but those physical lists often get ignored or I end up using the act of writing things down to help cement things in my head.  I do better remembering things I've read than things I've heard, so writing stuff down is useful for me.

The thing is, mental lists are far from perfect and if you are already going down this anal-retentive road, shouldn't you try to get things right?  I've tried a few different methods of perfecting this to-do- list for my personal use:

  • I've used a program that would print a small booklet out of a single sheet of paper.  I didn't like having to carry over items from one list to another, because I prefer a clean list.
  • For a while I carried an extra-small Moleskin booklet, but I never seemed to have a pen when I needed it and again I don't like "dead" or completed items on my list.
  • I tried using Task in Outlook as a to-do list, but I quickly forgot it existed.
  • My smartphone is capable of tracking a to-do list, but I'm usually not using the phone while I'm at home and most of my items are things to do at home.   
Last week I stumbled across a great alternative that works for me: Todo.ly  It is a web-based to-do list that is easy to use.  What I've done is set this as my home page so every time I open my web browser...BAM!  I usually have my laptop open and on when I'm at home and I spend a lot of time on my laptop.  I can set this at the homepage on my other devices so essentially everything is synced. The list is private so I can be as anal-retentive as I want 'cause this is my private list.
I recommend Todo.ly for your to-do list needs
Best part....as I check off items they get automatically removed from view.  I can still see them if I need to, but I'm always presented with a clean to-do list.

There is a pro version, but the free version suites my needs perfectly.  Highly recommended to-do list service.

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