June 24, 2012

Simpsons vs. Family Guy

I remember when The Simpsons was just a clip on the Tracy Ullman Show.  Now that series is in its 23rd season and has over 500 episodes under its belt.  In my opinion that series is a bit long in the tooth.

Family Guy, on the other hand, is going into its 11th season and has 188 episodes.  There isn't a standard number of shows per season.  Personally I prefer Family Guy, but the show seems to have run its ground already and the characters are too one-dimensional.  I'm glad that Family Guy's creator, Seth MacFarlane is moving on to fresher projects.

In my experience, people usually prefer one show over the other.  To bad, because when you mix the two you get all kinds of awesome, as the video after the break will prove.

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