June 24, 2012

Bowling For Soup

Bowling For Soup
One of the gifts I got for my birthday was an iPad 3 and a $25 iTunes gift card.  I've just begun playing with the iPad.....which blows the hell out of my Kindle Fire or Toshiba Thrive so far, at least for several things I really wanted to do.  I'll probably blog a bit about that when I get some more iPad time under my belt.

It took me less than an hour to burn through $22.35 of that gift card....buying up some of the Bowling for Soup songs I didn't have.
Bowling For Soup Tell Me When to Whoa (1998)
We thought we had most of BFS's songs, but I assumed there would be some early albums missing from our collection.  I had a few albums saved in an Amazon wish list so what I did was cycle through that list and the iTunes store.  I only bought one album in its entirety and that was their 1998 release "Tell me when to whoa!" I haven't listened to it yet because I've been playing the other songs I got.

The Dollyrots vs. Bowling for Soup (2011)
What surprised me the most was that there were so many albums where BFS contributed a single song or did half of the music with another group.  One album seemed pretty cool, but since I had a limited amount of money I only bought the BFS tracks.  I'm expecting to go back and purchase the BFS songs that were done by the Dollyrots.

Have a Crappy Summer (2012)
Bowling For Soup also contributed the song T.G.I.S. (Thank God its Summer) to the small Crappy Records album "Have a Crappy Summer".  I went ahead and picked up T.G.I.S.

The V.I.M.S. & Bowling For Soup: Cell Mates (1996)
I also picked up the BFS songs from their album with V.I.M.S. from back in 1996.  Called "Cell Mates", this album had a really small release and the odds of me getting it in any physical form is slim to none.  Thankfully BFS re-mastered the album and made it available for download.  Again, I only picked up the BFS songs because I only had so much $ to spend.

Bowling for Soup: I've Never Done Anything Like This (2011)
There were two small mini-albums I went ahead and bought all of the new songs off of.  The first was "On Your Mark, Get Set...Smoke a Cigarette"  this 2005 release had Bipolar and Somebody get my Mom, along with Little Red Riding Hood, which I already had off of the "Bowling for Soup Goes to the Movies" (which is my least favorite BFS album).  The other small album had two new songs, even though one was just a different version of "The Bitch Song".

I have all of the rest of the BFS songs I don't have queued up in a wishlist....all except for the "Very Best of Bowling for Soup" and the "Plays Well with Others".  The latter is a Disney radio version album.....ugh.

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