June 3, 2012

WTF GI Joe?!

I was complete set to watch GI Joe this month and for some reason they've decided to postpone the release date and flush pretty much all the money spent on marketing so far down the drain.

The "some reason" is that they decided less than a month before the release date to make GI Joe: Retaliation a 3D film.

Wow.....really?  You decide now you want the movie to be in 3D?  You couldn't have.....I don't know, filmed it in 3D to begin with?  I just don't understand this rationale.

What I do get is that maybe there is too much competition for the original release date, or that maybe Hasbro's stock price can only tolerate one over-priced movie bomb per year.  Maybe the initial fallout from Battleship is just too much for the company to take.

The only silver lining I see is that, according to Deadline.com, this move allowed TED to jump ahead to an earlier, hopefully better, release date.

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