June 4, 2012

Saving with Coupon Sherpa

For over a year now I've been keeping a small second wallet for the myriad of giftcards and store loyalty cards that everybody and their dog seems to issue these days.  Sometimes I keep coupons in there as well, but I have to remember to cut the coupons and then put them in the wallets before I go to the store.

There is no way I'm keeping them all in my wallet on the off chance I might be able to use one, the payoff isn't worth the effort.

I've been using Key Ring to help me get rid of quite a few loyalty cards and now I have Coupon Sherpa to help with some of the coupons.  The app has two components to it, a retail side and a grocery side.  I'm not getting much use out of the grocery coupons yet, but when I'm out and about shopping it is definitively worth checking out both the Key Ring Coupons and the Coupon Sherpa.  Sometimes the coupons are the same ones I could have clipped and carried, but also there tends to be some ones I hadn't ever seen and for places I normally don't get coupons for.

Worth checking out.

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