July 26, 2012

Chegg for School Books

This morning I was poking around the College of Southern Idaho's student portal to see if I had any advance notice of what books I would need.  Only one of my classes has a syllabus up already and it was dated for the spring of this year...not the fall.  I guess the professor is reusing the syllabus and forgot to update the term information.

No worries.....the syllabus was well written, aside from the typo, which tells me a lot about the professor and the class.

I really want to know what my books might be so I can decide if I want to purchase them at the bookstore or through Chegg.

Dealing with textbooks can really be a pain in the wallet.  You generally have to buy all our books and hope that you can sell them back at the end of the year without getting totally screwed....and there are a lot of ways to get screwed.
  • The professor isn't using that book next semester.
  • The professor forgot to tell the bookstore that he is reusing the book next semester (have had that happen).
  • The university is only buying back a certain number of books.
  • You paid $200 for that book, and never even creased the spine....they'll give you $25 for it.

It got to the point where I learned to go and sell back my books just before finals, if I could.

Imagine my joy when I discovered Chegg.com. Instead of buying books and hoping that maybe I could sell them back for a pittance, I could simply rent my books to begin with.  I've managed to get most of my books through Chegg last time I went to school.  There was only one new book I couldn't get and after talking with the professor I was able to just get an older edition.  There were some significant differences and a couple of times I had to borrow a book to just get some homework questions, but the professor actually liked the examples in the older text better.

Today I was able to go online to the College of Southern Idaho Bookstore and see what books I needed for class.  Chegg had most of them, but there are some I'd rather get through the bookstore, mostly because I want to make sure I have the proper edition and I expect to want to keep the books for future reference.

I noticed that many of my textbooks weren't available used, which makes me think that the library wouldn't buy them back anyway.  This means I'll rent some, buy some, and maybe sell some back to Chegg.

If you are taking any courses it is worthwhile to check out Chegg.

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