July 26, 2012

Four Tanks and a Healer

I was introduced to a funny animated short on YouTube about a fictional online MMORPG.

The series Four Tanks and a Healer currently consists of two episodes and is a funny watch.  Now I don't play these types of games, but I knew enough about them to get the jokes and find the series amusing.

The group that put this together had an unsuccessful Kickstarter fundraiser campaign last month.  Their goal was $45K and they managed to raise less than 10% of that goal.  I guess their target audience would rather play than pay.....

You can go to YouTube to watch these videos, or you can just see them here after the break.

Four Tanks and a Healer: Episode 1-From the Beginning

Four Tanks and a Healer: Episode 2-Of Men and Noobs

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