July 22, 2012

Cool Camping Stove

BioLite Camp Stove
I haven't gone camping in a long time, but I still keep a lot of my camping gear around and I've added to my gear as I come across new things.

Now I don't go on huge shopping sprees or anything, but I like to keep some things around just in case.  Most camping gear doubles well for emergency preparations and I like being prepared on some level.

BioLite Camp Stove Size Comparison
The majority of my gear consists of a few tents, some sleeping bags, and just a little bit of cooking gear.  While I do have a nice stove already, this BioLite Camping Stove really piqued my interest.
There are a lot of things I like about this stove:

  • Small size-packed up it is the size of a water bottle.
  • Weight-barely over 2 pounds....there are lighter stoves, but you don't have to carry fuel.
  • Fuel efficient-burns organic matter efficiently without smoking up.
  • Bonus-can charge your USB powered devices.
This stove is a pretty sweet set-up and would work out really well in case of an emergency.  I wouldn't use it in the house, but out in the yard would be no problem.  Fuel could be something as simple is sticks from the yard or even unused cat litter (we use Feline Pine).

It might seem a little pricey at $129, but if you compared the various parts (campstove and USB charger) you'd probably pay more.

This stove is on my wish list.....
BioLite Camp Stove in Use

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