July 1, 2012

Seriously...Man Candles?

It has come to my attention that Yankee Candle has come out with a line of "Man Candles".  Now you can spend a lot of money making your house smell like crap that belongs somewhere else.

Seriously....$28 for a candle that smells like I just mowed the yard? Here's a tip.....MOW YOUR YARD AND LEAVE THE ^!%$ WINDOWS OPEN!  Take some of you clippings, roll them up in some cheesecloth and place in on your register vents.  You don't need a Riding Mower candle.

If you want to smell some 2x4's, go to your hardware store.  Spend $28 on some actual 2x4's and then make something with them!

While I'm on my rant, can someone please explain to me how Yankee Candle managed to trademark the term 2x4?

The other scents in the line are First Down and Man Town.  I get the idea of First Down, but Man Town....WTF is that?  If you want something that smells like a man, ask you father what cologne he wears.....odds are it is the same crap he's been using since you were a kid.  Spend the $5 for the Old Spice or Aqua Velva and splash some of it on an old rag.

Take the other $23 and use it to buy gas for your mower, a football, or some more lumber.

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