July 3, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man
I'm still recovering from a long weekend trip back to the Midwest.  Yesterday was 19 hours of travelling, almost half by car.  We got in about midnight, but I had to be at the Kennel when they opened at 8 to pick up Tessa.

Once we managed to roll out of bed the second time we went out for a bite to eat and saw The Amazing Spider-Man.

I only have one word to describe this movie: Amazing.

This might very well be the best super-hero movie of the year in my opinion. Yes, I liked it that much.  It hasn't received all the hype that The Avengers did, but in my opinion is is just as good (if not better) movie.  The only thing better would be if there could have been some cross-pollination going on where they were all in the same New York.
I don't want to give out any spoilers for this movie because you really need to see it for yourself.  It just seemed....real.  The characters had a genuine feeling about them and everyone involved made this seem like a new story instead of simply a retelling of an old one.  This creation story had nods to the original comic and even the more recent trilogy.

Go see The Amazing Spider-Man.....now!
They simply pulled it off.  I want to see this movie again and cannot wait until it comes out on DVD.  Until I can get back into the theater I'll have to live with the trailer.

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