August 3, 2012

Taking Care of Your Knives

Testing a Knife's Sharpness
One of my daily web check-ins is on the lifehacker site.  Rarely a day goes by without some shred of truly useful information being posted there.

Today was no exception.

If you've gone through my blog at all you know I like to tinker with things and that I do like to cook.  Anyone who like to do either one of these should endeavor to keep better care of their tools.  I know I could stand to spend a few days with my tools.

Today lifehacker had an excellent video about sharp knives.  It wasn't about sharpening knives, but about telling if your knives are sharp.  I've seen and heard so many opinions about this subject that normally I'd just pass, but the guy in the video is a bona fide expert on the subject.

When it comes to sharpening, I'm a big fan of Lansky Knife Sharpeners.  Their precision sharpening line comes at a good price and gives a user the one thing they really need to get a good edge on a knife: consistency.

Now i have to go find my sharpener and spend some quality time taking care of my knives.

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