September 16, 2012

Car Horn Ettiquite

Car horn ettiquite
You would think that at 41 years of age I wouldn't be so surprised at how stupid people are on the road, especially when it comes to horn usage.

I think I've used my horn maybe twice in the last year, both quick beeps to alert another driver that they were being inattentive at a stop light.  To me inattentive doesn't mean they've not taken off in 2 seconds, but they've actually sat there for four or five seconds and we are going to use the light.

The last time was a read idiot who decided that the four lanes of traffic (from left to right in direction of travel were left turn, left turn, straight ahead and straight ahead with a mandatory quick right turn into a business lot) were whatever he wanted them to be.  He was in my lane, which was the "straight ahead" lane and he figured he could turn left with the other two lanes.  He expected to merge into the turn lane in the middle of the intersection.  Did I mention that he was a truck towing a very large trailer?

Today the Mrs. and I were driving down State Street towards downtown and at the intersection with Veteran's Memorial there is a right turn lane that can turn against the light as long as they yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.  The second car in the turn lane honks at the first car because she wouldn't turn right against the light......

.......and plow into a bicyclist crossing the street.  Now the second car was taller than the first (SUV vs a econobox) and should have been able to clearly see the cyclist.  The girl in the first car motions to the cyclist and gives a "what do you expect me to do" while the second car just makes an angry motion.

Seriously?  I think some folks need to learn a little car horn etiquette.  I really wanted to beep my horn to the first car beside me, point at her and give an "OK" sign before gesturing to the car behind her and flipping the bird.

Of course that would be impolite and a poor use of the horn.

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