October 4, 2012

Will be Back to Posting On Schedule Soon!

Been working on projects
Between school, Borderlands 2, and a new project I've been a bit busier than expected this week.  I still have a couple coats of paint and spar urethane to apply, but with the help of some good weather I should be done this weekend and able to put up some pictures.

I don't want to jinx myself and put things up here until it is ready.  I won't have a lot of pictures to post because I'm building off of a purchased set of plans and the person I got the plans from doesn't want too many construction pics in the wild, possibly ruining the value of his plans.

I'm also hoping to start work on my next construction project soon.  That project is something I've been waiting to do for two to three years now.  I started buying parts and pieces back in 2009, but hadn't done anything.  I'm kind of glad I waited because the technology for what I want to do has increased and gotten to the point where I can do this build the way I want to and not the way I have to.  Some other people have made what I'm doing, but not quite to the specs of what I want.

I know this is rather vague words about a mystery project, but I'll be making posts of that build as I go along.

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