November 27, 2012


Absurd and Awesome All Rolled Into One!
I've gone back and forth with the whole love-hate thing for Kickstarter....enough I'm not even going to provide links to my previous rants and raves.  This blog has a search'll do.

Someone who fills up waaaay too much of my twitter feed was going off on a Kickstarter project and I headed over to the site to figure out what it might be.  I haven't found it yet, but....
....I got sidetracked by local projects and then I found this.

This idea is absurd and awesome, all rolled into one!  I think that most everybody has some secret desire to have raced in a marathon, and most of us will never do so.  It doesn't help things that half the people who do are obsessed about running and the other half can be assholes about their accomplishment.

Ok....I know not everyone fits into either of these two is called a stereotype.

Anyway, the idea of pulling off a fake marathon is pretty funny.  The idea of pretending it is real while being pretty blatant that is is in fact completely fake is genius.


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