November 28, 2012

Not Cool Gizmodo, Not Cool

WTF Gizmodo?
I started this morning innocently enough with my normal routine of going online.  I have a "Daily" folder that I go through, but for some reason I didn't go through it in the order I normally do.  Today I went right to the Gizmodo page and started reading the newer posts.

One article immediately jumped out at me as so not cool.

As part of their on-going Gift Guide 2012 series they had an article titled, "Hardcore Gifts for Sex Addicts".

Needless to say the whole article pokes fun at sex addiction, as if it wasn't a real thing.  I doubt they'd go so far as to offer "High-Proof Gifts for the Alcoholic" or "Lab Safety Equipment for the Meth Head", but I guess sex addicts are fair game.

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