December 18, 2012

Done with School....for Now.

College of Southern Idaho
I have just finished uploading my final school project for the semester. Although I'm just taking courses at a community college some of the workload has easily rivaled that of my upper-level classes.

For most of the last week I've been swamped with schoolwork and with getting Christmas gifts off to friends and family.

Some of the assignments have been unnecessarily hard.  An assignment handed out Monday at 8 AM and Due Tuesday by 5 PM might not seem like much.  If it takes four or five hours of work that kicks it up a difficulty level.  It is isn't the only assignment your are given with those parameters it is downright stressful.

It doesn't help the frustration level when being asked to do the seemingly impossible.  On one "final exam" that was really a project I had to look up records in a database.  There was more to it than that, but the records look-up was the starting point.  One record I couldn't find to save my life.  I tried every combination of search factors I could think of.  There was simply no record of that item in the database.  In desperation I reached out to the professor who simply told me, "It's in there." You can imagine the names I was calling him when I still couldn't find it after another half hour of searching.

Oh, I finally did find it.  My search was limited to records with "English" as the language.  The item I was looking for....everything having to do with it is in English.  Whoever placed the record in the database simply did not indicate the language being used.

Being able to step back and evaluate your difficulties from a different perspective is a skill I wish I had more of.  I can do it well in certain circumstances, but once I get emotionally involved.....forget about it.  Hopefully it is another lesson learned and I can enjoy the small break I have in classes before the Spring Semester gets underway.

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