January 17, 2013

A Brief Update....

Job Interviews Lined Up
I'm excited to say that I have a couple of job interview lined up, one today and another one on Monday.

I'm also starting my final semester at CSI.  There has been some drama this semester also, but things have calmed down...or at least I think they have calmed down.  Someone at the school overlooked an important piece of information and somehow came to the conclusion that I wasn't taking enough "required" coursework.  Instead of simply admitting a mistake and correcting it they tried to look for justification how their math of 3+3=3 worked.

While I realize that this is "just" an Associate's Degree, I think it'll provide some synergy with my other Associate's Degree and help when I am able to get back into classes to start my MBA.  In the meantime if I don't get either one of these positions I should have another interview the first week of February.  That position closes tomorrow so I expect to hear about interviews next week.

I've been spending this week trying to get some things squared away at home.  My home office has been in shambles pretty much since it became my home office and I'm wanting to use it for more than a dumping place for my crap.  I hope to be able to work on school and personal projects in there instead of taking over the rest of the house.

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