January 15, 2013

Educational Video About Why Data Caps Suck

I've posted about some terrible pieces of internet legislation that were being discussed in congress.

Now, to be fair, everyone who is interested in using the internet for recreation or profit should have some basic understanding of some of the issues involved.

Most people are probably taxed much beyond being able to plug in a new router and typing in the access code when Windows tells them to.  Heck, the last router I had came with the ability to use a USB key to do even that "heavy lifting" for you.

Today Gizmodo had a great animated video that explains one issue regarding internet usage: data caps.  I think most folks have run into some sort of provider-imposed data cap at one point or another.   It might be a bit long for some folks at 11'40", but I think it was well done and educational.

Why Data Caps Suck: The Animated Examination

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